Birth Parent Policies For Birth Mothers and Birth Fathers

Inheritance Adoptions will assist a birth mother when she is in need of care outside her home; an attempt will be made to find an appropriate living arrangement, ex: hotel, apartment, or maternity home.

No pressure will be placed upon the birth parents to place their child for adoption. Inheritance Adoptions desires to assist the birth parents in making the best decisions for them and their child, acknowledging that adoption is just one option.

Written information will be provided to the birth parent(s) regarding alternatives to adoption, such as: raising a child as an alternative to adoption, temporary foster care, and assistance from relatives and/or placement with relatives.

Assistance will be provided to the birth mother throughout her pregnancy to ensure she has adequate prenatal care and basic needs. Transportation, laundry, and other needs deemed necessary to have a positive impact on the unborn child will be considered. The agency will not provide long distance phone service, cable, Internet, or other social indulgences. Referrals will be made to the appropriate agencies for the birth parent choosing to keep their child for services, such as WIC (special supplemental food program for Women, Infants and Children), Medicaid and housing assistance.

The birth parent(s) will be informed, in writing, of the adoption registry, if available in their state. An employee, staff, volunteer or social worker on behalf of Inheritance Adoptions will have at least two face-to-face contacts with both birth parents, if possible, prior to placement to discuss adoption procedures and placement.

Counseling for the birth parent(s) is offered from first contact through the birth of the child. If counseling is needed after the birth of the child, we will be available for counseling or upon specific request by either of the birth parent(s); a referral will be made for the appropriate counseling.

The birth parent(s) will be provided the opportunity to see, hold and feed the child while in the hospital before placing the newborn infant for adoption. The reasons for the decision to place the child for adoption will be explained in the Adoption Readiness Study/Review and placed in the child’s file.

All services to birth parents are at no cost. The agency will attempt to carry out the wishes of the birth mother in placing the child. If the birth mother desires an open adoption where the adoptive couple and birth parent(s) meet and have contact, an attempt will be made to find a couple wishing to be involved with an open adoption. If the birth mother desires a closed adoption, the parties shall have no contact. If the birth mother desires a semi open adoption, contact by mail may be made through Inheritance Adoptions between the birth mother/father and biological grandparents until the child reaches the age of 18 or the age of majority.

If an open adoption is chosen, the agency will not be responsible for contact or mail between the parties. If, after placement with a closed or semi open adoption, the adoptive couple and the birth mother or birth father learn the names of each other and initiate contact with each other, Inheritance Adoptions reserves the right to terminate its responsibilities of liaison between the parties.

Confidential / Revised 4-09
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