Birth Parents

Whether your pregnancy was planned or unplanned, whether you are single or married,
old or young–we are here to support you.


We know what you are going through and we would love to help you with your heavy choices.

If you desire to have your child raised in a loving Christian home, we can help…

  • Help expectant parents no matter the situation, if they place for adoption or parent their child, all free of charge.
  • Provide transportation to all physician appointments if needed.
  • Offer an alternative to abortion by choosing adoption.
  • Help connect clients to recourses, if necessary, and provide transportation to medical appointments.
  • Assist clients in finding employment and getting back into school if needed.
  • Provide a ministry, spiritual guidance, a positive support system for our clients.
  • Speak to family members or friends who are unsure of the adoption, or who have questions about the process.



You may feel alone, sad, numb, and unsure. We would like to help with whatever circumstance brings you to our agency. We understand and will be here with an open heart and open mind. You choose the plan for your child that you believe is the best. If you choose the adoption path then you are in control of your decisions. You get to choose the adoptive couple, type of contact, and make all other important choices. We will help you find the ideal Christian couple that best suits you and your child.

Inheritance Adoptions can help you make a plan for your unborn child. There is no pressure will be placed on you during this important decision-making time. We have social workers on call 24/7 to pray or just talk to you.

It’s your choice.


“This is a way for this child to have a better life, to have a pair of parents that will love him and take care of him and give him the best that this world has to offer.”
-Anonymous Birthmom


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