Texoma Gives

Texoma Gives is coming up on September 12! Please join our cause and support our goal to promote open adoption. We are hoping to use the funds from Texoma Gives to keep a billboard up that gets over 1 million views per month!

Below is an image of our new billboard, we hope to raise money through Texoma Gives to help cover the cost of keeping it up. The billboard is a few blocks from an abortion clinic on I30 and gets close to a million views per month. If you are prolife and want to support a great way to educate women on adoption and choosing life while they are in transport to the abortion clinic, then please consider donating to this worthy cause! Your money will go straight to the cost of this prolife advertising!

Our mission is to serve Christ by offering a positive alternative in response to an unplanned pregnancy, and to assist birth parents in making the most loving decision for their child. Inheritance believes:

  • Adoption is not giving away your child, but is about giving your child the very best.
  • Adoption is child-centered and is a positive parenting choice.
  • Loving your child does not always mean raising them.

Please visit texomagives.org  to find out more information!