Doug, Denise and Family

DougDeniseAndFamilyWe first came to Inheritance in September of 1997. We were heartbroken and desperate for a baby. We started the adoption process, not knowing how long or if we would ever get a baby. We had a failed adoption (not with Inheritance) in November of that year. We were still hoping for a baby and were still working with Inheritance.

In January of 1998, we received the best phone call ever! Inheritance had birthparents that wanted to meet us. The baby was already born and they wanted us to be his parents. We were very scared and nervous, but we knew we would never get a baby without taking another emotional risk.

We met the couple at Inheritance. We felt the meeting went well, but they wanted time to think about it. Later that night, we got the call that changed our lives. They chose us to be our son’s parents. We were so excited. The next day we brought our son home.

When our son was 18 months old, we once again decided we wanted another baby. We decided to go with Inheritance again because the adoption of our son went so smoothly. We started the process again in July of 1999. We again didn’t know how long it would take or if it would happen. In October of that same year, we got the call that we were chosen and a birth mother wanted to meet us. We were shocked! We didn’t think it would be that quick. We made plans for a meeting the next day. We were called early the next morning. The meeting place was changed. We would meet our birth mother at the hospital because she was in labor. Again we were in shock. Inheritance was with us all day and they were very supportive. They knew how stressful this whole process was on us, so they waited with us and they had even waited until the last moment to tell us about being chosen just in case. Our baby girl was born that evening. I was in the delivery room which was so exciting. I actually got to witness the birth of my baby girl! As you can imagine, we were so excited. Everything went smooth once again.

We felt like our family was complete until our daughter was about 2. We decided to once again contact Inheritance about adopting a 3 rd baby. In January of 2002 we got a call about a baby. Before we had even had time to decide, the baby was born. Not long after we brought the baby home, the birth mother changed her mind. We were devastated again, but we were so thankful for our 2 precious children God had already blessed us with. In July of 2002, we were chosen once again. We didn’t know if to get our hopes up or even tell anyone. We met the birth parents and started planning for another girl. We were still very apprehensive. After 3 long months, our baby girl was born in October of 2002. We were so excited to bring her home. We finally felt like our family was complete.

Adoption can be the most heartbreaking and the most wonderful event that can happen to a family. Adoption is a very stressful process, but the reward is indescribable. We love our children so much that we forget they aren’t ours biologically. We feel very blessed by God that He has given us 3 wonderful, beautiful, healthy and bright children. We are so thankful for Inheritance and all the support they gave us through those years. We really believe without Inheritance, we would not have been able to afford to adopt 3 children and that we wouldn’t have the family that we have now.

Thank you Inheritance for our family!

Doug, Denise and Family