Andrew & Cali

Mike and Shayna

Hello! We are the Harper Family!

Andrew and Cali have been married almost 20 years and God blessed us with Philip five years ago. Andrew is an Army Veteran that currently works as a Digital Marketing Account Executive and has been with his firm for 5 years. Cali works for Texas A&M University College of Medicine as a Clinical Skills Coordinator. The true blessing behind both of these positions is that the organizations we work for allows us flexibility to always put our family first. Philip is our eager five-year-old anxiously awaiting the arrival of his first little brother or sister! We have a very close supportive family and enjoy spending quality time with all of them and traveling when possible.

When Andrew served in Korea he volunteered in an orphanage and it opened our hearts to adoption. We have always wanted multiple children but have struggled with infertility and are very excited about adding to our family!