Wissam & Noelle

Anthony and Mary

Hi! We are the Haddad family.

We are Wissam and Noelle Haddad. We have been married for almost 9 years and have been in Texas for 5 years after moving back here from Lebanon. We both come from large families and enjoy spending time with all of them, though they are scattered all over the world. We enjoy hiking/walking, traveling and are both involved in our church. Noelle sings in the choir and Wissam serves on the media team.

After buying a house 2 years ago, we have been renovating and updating it and are so thankful to have the space to enjoy our family coming to visit and entertaining friends. We just got a 10-week-old puppy who we named “Bear” and he has already brought us so much joy!

Wissam works completely remotely and is an electrical engineer working for a cost consultant company. Noelle is an Executive Assistant in the Marketing department for an electrical supply company in Dallas.

We have always wanted children and have struggled with infertility for many years and are so thankful God led us down the path to adoption.