Our mission is to serve Christ by offering a positive alternative in response to an unplanned pregnancy and to assist birth parents in making the most loving decision for their child.

An Act of Love

What is Adoption

Adoption is the loving act of a birthmother choosing a permanent family to nurture and care for her child.

  • Adoption is not giving away your child, but is about giving your child the very best.
  • Adoption is child-centered and is a positive parenting choice.
  • Loving your child does not always mean raising them.

Open Adoption

Open Adoption allows birthparents to maintain a relationship with the adoptive parents and child after placement. It is based on mutual trust and respect and benefits everyone involved. Because of the overwhelming benefits it’s the only kind of adoption we do.

Offering Hope, not pressure

The Adoption Process

We come alongside you as a resource to help you make positive choices for you and your baby. Whether your pregnancy was planned or unplanned, whether you are single or married, old or young – we are here to support you.
Asses Needs & Learn
Look Through Family Profiles
Meet & Choose Adoptive Family
Child Placement
Post Placement Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Is adoption for me?

Adoption is the option least considered by birthmothers who face an unplanned pregnancy. You are not alone! A very common thought is “After carrying a baby for nine months, I just couldn’t give him/her away.” An important point to consider is that adoption is not about giving a baby away or providing a baby for a family, rather it is about providing a family for a baby.  In the past 25 years, adoption has undergone major advances and changes. In order for a birthparent to have a true choice, he/she must have a complete understanding of the options.

What does adoption look like today?

Adoption looks very open! The birthparents choose the family who will adopt their child. The birthparents maintain a relationship with the child and his/her adoptive family through the years.  They may exchange letters, pictures and presents; they may even exchange emails, talk on the phone, or visit in person.  The level of openness is agreed upon by the birthparents and the adoptive parents. All of the openness gives the birthparents a sense of security and satisfaction that their child is loved and well cared for.  Most importantly, the openness is created for the benefit of the child.  It gives him/her the opportunity to know where he/she came from. The level of openness may fluctuate through the years based upon the needs of the child.

What free services do you provide to birthparents?
  • Help no matter the situation, if you place for adoption or parent your child, it’s all free of charge
  • Provide transportation to all physician appointments if needed
  • Offer an alternative to abortion and help with a parenting plan if you choose to parent
  • Help connect you to recourses as well as help you apply for those recourses if necessary and provide transportation to mandatory appointments with those agencies.
  • Assist in finding employment, getting back into school, and getting a GED
  • Provide spiritual guidance and provide a positive support system for you
  • Speak to family members or friends who are hesitant about adoption, or just have questions
What are the benefits of open adoption?

The Child

  • A sense of identity because of access to birth family history and family tree.
  • Self-confidence by being able to answer “Who am I?” and “Where did I come from?”.
  • Protection from abandonment with knowing the reasons why he/she was placed for adoption.
  • A complete history and a ready source of medical information and support.
  • The knowledge that he/she is loved by his/her birthparents.
  • Knowledge of the truth (not feeling that there are secrets).

The Birthparents

  • The ability to make choices for your child with active participation in the placement process.
  • Reduced uncertainties through interactions and updates from adoptive family.
  • Reduced guilt with an on-going communication about child’s well-being.
  • Healthy grieving and encouragement by being able to visit and talk with adoptive family.
  • The potential of developing a special relationship with the child.

The Adoptive Family

  • Confidence when answering their child’s questions.
  • Reduced  fear because of interaction with the birthmother or birth family before and after birth.
  • A sense of entitlement to parent and affirmation knowing they were chosen to parent the child.
  • Ability to be medically informed with medical history.
  • The opportunity to build a relationship with the birthmother and birth family.
Will my child resent me for placing him/her for adoption?

Your child will forever know the sacrifice you made in choosing adoption. Your child will understand that you made the selfless choice of adoption out of love and concern for his/her wellbeing. Your child will realize the opportunities you gave him/her by placing them in a loving, stable, and secure environment.