Waiting Families

The following families are families that are currently waiting to adopt through Inheritance Adoptions. They have met all of the eligibility requirements of this agency. All couples receive a home study and training through Inheritance Adoptions.


Mike and Shayna

We’re Mike, Shayna, and Zach, and our family is built on faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust. Mike is an accountant and Shayna is a special education teacher turned full-time mom. As a family, we enjoy going to the playground, spending time with our church friends, or watching one of our favorite shows at home. Zach joined our family with the help of Inheritance Adoptions and we have an open adoption with his first family. He is an amazing, kind, and resilient kid who loves people and animals. The most special thing about Zach is how he’s brought our families even closer together. We have big family dinners for holidays and birthdays with both sets of grandparents and Shayna’s 2 much younger brothers. Zach has a special bond with his uncle who is adopted and we hope he will have the same connection with his little brother or sister. Our family has a lot of love and support to give and we would be privileged to share it with another child.



Van and Kelle

Hello, we are the Marsalis family. Van is an accountant and works for a large firm in DFW, while Kelle manages a non-profit organization in Plano. We have been happily married for almost 17 years. Our sweet Tilly is two years old and we live in Plano, Texas. We are members and serve at McDermott Road Church of Christ and Tilly attends a small pre-school just a few blocks from our home. We have fun swimming, biking, playing outdoors and taking road trips. Tilly is ready to be a big sister and is such a sweet girl. She loves dinosaurs, “cooking ice cream,” singing, and swimming. She joined our family through adoption in 2018 and we are waiting for God to bless us with an addition to our family very soon. Family is very important to us and we truly enjoy just being together. We love you and thank you for the selfless decision you are making. We are here to support you through this process.




Michael and Taylor

Hi! We are Michael and Taylor from Temple, TX. Michael is a salesman for a local lumber company and Taylor works part-time at our city library and is a stay-at-home dog mom the rest of the time to our two rescue dogs. We have been married for 10 years and are so ready to welcome a child into our family. We love to travel, play board games, go hiking, and take the dogs on walks and to the park. Our favorite time each day is family time in the backyard in the evenings just being together. Michael restores antique tractors and has quite a collection that he enjoys maintaining. He enjoys grilling, hunting, house projects, and really fixing or working on any car or truck. Taylor enjoys reading, cross stitching, and sports, particularly watching football and baseball. We have a large support system of friends and family who we love spending time with and who are all eager to support us as we grow our family. We are involved in a close-knit church where Michael plays in the praise band. We believe God has led us to adoption and we trust Him as he builds our family. We pray each day for our child as we prepare to welcome them and provide a loving home for him or her.





Andrew and Cali

Hello! We are the Harper Family! Andrew and Cali have been married almost 20 years and God blessed us with Philip five years ago. Andrew is an Army Veteran that currently works as a Digital Marketing Account Executive and has been with his firm for 5 years. Cali works for Texas A&M University College of Medicine as a Clinical Skills Coordinator. The true blessing behind both of these positions is that the organizations we work for allows us flexibility to always put our family first. Philip is our eager five-year-old anxiously awaiting the arrival of his first little brother or sister! We have a very close supportive family and enjoy spending quality time with all of them and traveling when possible.

When Andrew served in Korea he volunteered in an orphanage and it opened our hearts to adoption. We have always wanted multiple children but have struggled with infertility and are very excited about adding to our family!