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A Lot Has Changed For Me The Past 6 Years

Sometimes we assist women and we lose touch with them. They move or life just gets busy for them. We often wonder if we helped at all! When we get notes like the one below it proves that even though you may not see the results of your work or even your prayers at the...

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I Wanted Nothing But The Best For You

From the moment I conceived you and found out that I was having you, I wanted nothing but the best for you. I wanted to be the best mom, but you needed a daddy too. I was sad and confused, I felt lost and alone, I did what I thought was necessary to give you a better...

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I Couldn’t Have Found a Better Family for Mia

Thank you so much for all the pictures! Y’all are such a beautiful family. I couldn’t have found a better family for Mia. I am so very very thankful that y’all are giving her the life that she deserves. I am looking forward to meeting you when I get home. I am 2 weeks...

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