Brave Motherhood

Angel moved to Wichita Falls with lots of problems, but few options. She was in a bad relationship and she was pregnant. When Angel found Inheritance Adoptions, she found support, help with food and a Christian family to give her baby a home.

Kilara was 14 when she came to Inheritance Adoptions, looking for a loving home for her baby who she knew she was too young to keep. She found herself pregnant again, but still not stable enough to care for a child, so she turned to Inheritance. Today, she is 19 and is planning to raise her third child. She is grateful to the agency that gave her counseling, transportation and food when she was hungry.

Amber knows it takes bravery and selflessness to be a birth mother in the adoption process. She found the support she needed at Inheritance.

Adriana, 21, has had one baby adopted into a loving family through Inheritance. She felt no one else could attempt to understand her. But the counselors at Inheritance did. The process was easy, but thorough.

Sherry (not her real name) found more than an adoption agency at Inheritance. It was the first place she didn’t feel judged.

These young women all had different stories, but they all found love, care and support at Inheritance Adoptions. They have been able to share those stories with each other at a new support group that meets once a month on Tuesdays at Inheritance, 1007 11 St. It’s been so successful that the group may start meeting every other week.

“We want to reach beyond the pregnancy to transform these girls’ lives,” Laura Bennett, birth counselor at Inheritance Adoptions, said. “We want to give them the worth we see in them.”

The girls meet and have dinner, while their kids are playing and eating pizza in a separate room. At a recent session, the girls opened gifts containing adult coloring books and devotionals. Then they shared their story of adoption – in a room full of people who understand.

“It lifts the shame and guilt that often comes with adoption,” Bennett said. “It shows redemption. They find freedom and they are forgiven. Their story is beautiful. We’re just looking at it with a different perspective.”