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From Devastation To Unexpected Blessings: Part 2

Gavin was just four years old when he started asking questions about his birth mother. His adoptive mother, Alissa Perez, didn’t quite know how to answer them, but she knew she was ready to tell the stories of Gavin’s and her daughter, Annabella’s adoptions. One night...

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From Devastation To Unexpected Blessings: Part 1

After meeting through a mutual friend, Alissa and Rafael Perez had their first date. Alissa decided to be honest from day one. “On our first date I told him that the Lord had called me to adopt,” Alissa said.That was July 2007 and the couple was married one year later...

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Finally Holding Her Made All The Pain Worth It

It was a trying time for Shelby and Brian Helm. All around them were expectant couples, jubilant at impending parenthood. “It was as really difficult time as all of our friends were having children and it seemed like everyone could get pregnant but us,” Shelby said....

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