Cory & Summer

Mike and Shayna

Hi, we are Cory and Summer!

Thank you for stopping by to learn a little bit more about us. Life has been such a fun journey and we are so thankful for the 20 years of marriage we have been blessed with. Some of our most favorite things to do are going on adventures, tackling DIY projects, gardening, taking lots of pictures, and spending time with friends and family. Our biggest blessing arrived the day after our 16th anniversary. Evie (short for Evelynn) joined our little family through the blessing of adoption. She is a ray of sunshine and brings so much joy to those around. She is the biggest helper and can’t wait to be a big sister and love on and snuggle baby.

Cory has worked at his job in the IT industry for 19 years. He loves what he does, but more importantly he loves the challenge it brings. Summer has always had two loves…teaching and being a mommy. After over a decade of teaching full-time in the classroom she was blessed to become a full-time mama. In a way, she still gets to fulfill her two loves as being a mommy is like teaching and teaching is like being a mama; both go hand in hand. We are so, so lucky to have both sides of our family local. Our little social butterfly loves her cousins and hanging out with her aunts, uncles, and grandparents.