Forrest & Brisa

Mike and Shayna

Hi! We are Forrest and Brisa.

We are from Lubbock, Texas. Forrest works for a bank in loan administration, and Brisa is a middle school teacher/digital learning specialist. We met our freshman year of college and were married six years later in 2019. We spend our time at church serving as class leaders, Bible class teachers for adults and children, event volunteers, and media booth workers during Sunday service. A few things we both love to do outside of work and church are walking our two dogs at our neighborhood park, visiting family, road tripping, having frequent game nights with friends, going to shows at our local fine arts hall, and more. Currently, our family consists of the two of us and our two sweet dogs, Piper and Zoe. After facing the reality that we may not get to have a child of our own, God led us to adoption. We are so ready to welcome a little one into our home, where they will be SO incredibly loved and supported by us, our families, our friends, and our brothers and sisters from church!