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He’s In The Waiting: From Infertility to Adoption

As I take a deep breath, and try to put words on paper about our story of adoption, I wonder if I can do it justice. Our story begins like many others. We had dreams and aspirations when we first got married. Jim and I got married in 2005, and because we are an older...

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His High School Football Helmet

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about a wonderful experience that we had recently. Although our son, Matthew (age 9), has been able to see his birth mother and her two children several times over the years, his birth father, Armando, has always lived out of...

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Caught Up In Our Own Feelings

I think so many times as adoptive couples we get caught up in our own feelings we forget what our birthmothers are going through. We all have to write the ‘dear birthmother’ letter that is required but how many of us can really relate to the words we write? Most of us...

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