Waiting Families

The following families are families that are currently waiting to adopt through Inheritance Adoptions. They have met all of the eligibility requirements of this agency. All couples receive a home study and training through Inheritance Adoptions.



Brian and Alexia

Engelman_family (1)

This is our family, Brian, Alexia, Katrina, Camden, and Cole.We are goofy, zany, adventurous, loving, playful, and are raising our kids to know and love Jesus Christ. Our family has been very blessed by adoption through Inheritance. Alexia is a stay at home mom, and Brian is a Mechanical Engineer. We have been married for 12 amazing years, and hail from The Woodlands, Texas.





Ray and Brooke

image1(1)We are the West’s, Ray and Brooke,  Eve (7 years old), Luke (4 years old), and Isaac (8 months old). We have been praying about expanding our family through adoption and are ecstatic to await God’s blessings and provisions. We love to travel, and last year we spent Christmas in Mexico, a week in Florida during the summer, and in November we visited Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica on a Disney Cruise. Our favorite things are times spent traveling with family, watching movies, playing games, worshiping, or visiting with family and friends. Our children attend a private Christian school, and enjoy dance, gymnastics, soccer, swimming, and art classes. We love to be outside walking our two dogs, at the lake, swimming, playing at the park, and riding bikes. We love and support your selfless sacrifice, and we pray for your peace during this difficult decision.




Austin and Amber


We are Austin and Amber Whitehead, and we are both school teachers. Austin teaches history at the Junior High level, and Amber teaches American Sign Language as a foreign language credit. Our students are a joy to work with, and we look forward to having our own. We are active in our church, and love our church family. We help out with children’s church a few times during the year, and enjoy being around them. We also have friends and family with young children, and we enjoy babysitting them when we can (and mainly just loving on them). We love to travel, go antique shopping, watch movies, or just hang out at home. We are looking forward to starting our family through adoption, and raising them in a loving, Christian home.





Rodney and Megan

Rodney & Megan--Missing Piece Pic (2017-05-01) (3) a babyWe are Rodney and Megan Friddle, and we just recently celebrated 11 years of marriage. Rodney works as a Senior Underwriter for a financial company, and Megan works as a Lab Quality and Compliance Officer for a company that conducts lab testing of all types.  We have been praying and dreaming of having our own family for years.  Rodney enjoys watching most sports, but especially likes to play basketball and baseball.  Rodney also really likes to hunt, fish, and spend time at the family farm.  Megan enjoys all kinds of crafts such as creating scrapbooks, cards, invitations, party decorations, diaper cakes, and unique gifts for friends/family.  Megan also enjoys excising, especially running.  We are involved in our church and are very close with our fun church family.  We have a passion for Texas Country music and attend concerts when we can.  We’ve got to go on some fun trips over the past several years and we’re always up for a new adventure.  We spend lots of time with our family and friends.  Our plan is to raise a child in a loving and nurturing, Christian home.  We admire the love and courage you have in considering adoption for your child and we would love to support you through this process, any way we can.




Phillip and Carissa

This is our family: Phillip, Carissa, and Eleanor. Our family has been blessed by adoption, through Inheritance DSC_7066Adoptions, and we are so thankful to have a close relationship with Ellie’s birth family. What a beautiful thing it will be, that both of our adopted children, will get to share in that experience with one another. Carissa is a stay-at-home mom, and Phillip is a Sales Director at tech firm in Dallas. We have been married for 7 amazing years, and are raising our daughter to know and love Jesus.





 Mike and Shayna

Our life is full of fun and adventure, so hop on board and enjoy the tour! Just remember to keep your hands and Daughteryfeet inside the ride at all times. We’re Mike and Shayna and we live on a creek in east Texas. Family is one of the most important things to us and we live 15 minutes from Mike’s grandparents, 15 minutes from his parents, and 30 minutes from Shayna’s parents. We all spend Thanksgiving and Christmas together. We’re so excited to be building our own family through adoption. Through the adoption of Shayna’s youngest brother, we’ve been privileged to be part of a family where open adoption is modeled and encouraged. We understand both the honor and the responsibility to you and your child and we hope to build a relationship with you based on dignity and respect. We hope you’ll consider joining us on this adventure. We can’t wait to see what happens next!




Gentry and Melissa

We are Gentry and Melissa.  We are excited to grow our family through adoption.  Our biggest commitment in Last Imageraising a child is to spend each day loving him/her and making sure this sweet baby grows up knowing the love of Jesus.  We have hoped to adopt since we first got married and are excited to now start that time.  Gentry was adopted by his father and we feel this will help him relate to our child in a special way.  Melissa has dreamed of becoming a mother since she was in Preschool.  Gentry works in the Oil and Gas industry, and Melissa is a Speech-Language Pathologist who works with children.  We love spending time with our family and doing just about anything outdoors.  We have been praying for our child’s birth parents and for our baby for a very long time and will continue to do so.  We can’t wait to see what God has planned for our family.





Ryan and Holly

thumbnailWe are Ryan and Holly.  We cannot wait to add a precious child to our family through adoption.  We are both nurses, Holly is an ICU nurse and Ryan works on a Cardiac unit. We live in a small city just North East of Dallas.  Ryan has an adopted sister and the Lord began working on our hearts long before we met to want to grow our family one day through adoption.  On our days off we enjoy spending time together whether that is out fishing, shopping around town, hanging at home with our dogs and cat or spending time with family.  We are very involved in our church and are committed to raising our child in a loving Christian home where they will know that they are loved unconditionally not only by us but most importantly Jesus.  When we started this process we began daily praying for our birth parents and their selfless sacrifice. We cannot wait to meet the child the Lord has planned for our family.





Austin and Tori

We are the Ten Hagen family, Austin, Tori and Owen. Owen is a 3 year old active, fun and outgoing little boy who DSC_7799 (2)cannot wait to meet his little brother or sister. Tori is a stay-at-home mom and Austin works for his family’s company doing project management in the construction industry. We love spending time together as a family, whether that means a little family getaway somewhere or a relaxing weekend at home watching movies and playing outside. We are close to both Austin and Tori’s family and are thankful we get to spend time with them often. We love our family, we love our friends and our church family, and most importantly we love Jesus. We are so thankful for the little family we have been blessed with and are so excited for the opportunity to grow our family through adoption.