Waiting Families

The following families are families that are currently waiting to adopt through Inheritance Adoptions. They have met all of the eligibility requirements of this agency. All couples receive a home study and training through Inheritance Adoptions.



Austin and Amber

We are Austin and Amber Whitehead, and we are both school teachers. Austin teaches history at the Junior High level, and Amber teaches American Sign Language as a foreign language credit. Our students are a joy to work with, and we look forward to having our own. We are active in our church, and love our church family. We help out with children’s church a few times during the year, and enjoy being around them. We also have friends and family with young children, and we enjoy babysitting them when we can (and mainly just loving on them). We love to travel, go antique shopping, watch movies, or just hang out at home. We are looking forward to starting our family through adoption and raising them in a loving, Christian home.




Ryan and Holly

thumbnailWe are Ryan and Holly.  We cannot wait to add a precious child to our family through adoption.  We are both nurses, Holly is an ICU nurse and Ryan works on a Cardiac unit. We live in a small city just North East of Dallas.  Ryan has an adopted sister and the Lord began working on our hearts long before we met to want to grow our family one day through adoption.  On our days off we enjoy spending time together whether that is out fishing, shopping around town, hanging at home with our dogs and cat or spending time with family.  We are very involved in our church and are committed to raising our child in a loving Christian home where they will know that they are loved unconditionally not only by us but most importantly Jesus.  When we started this process we began daily praying for our birth parents and their selfless sacrifice. We cannot wait to meet the child the Lord has planned for our family.



Ray and Brooke

Hello, we are the West’s, Ray, Brooke, Eve 10 yrs, Luke 7 yrs, Isaac 2 yrs, and Chase our golden doodle is 4yrs. We live in Dallas, Ray owns a paintless dent repair company and Brooke owns and works with children as a child therapist in a private practice serving families. We are members and serve at Watermark Church and our children attend a private Christian school. We love to travel together especially to the beach, this year we have been to Mexico and South Padre. We also love to be outdoors as a family at the lake, visiting grandparents at their ranch, or camping. We started our story to adopt in 2015, we believe the Lord plans to place His child in our arms and complete our family.
Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”






Stacy and Patricia

Hello! We are the Darden Family; Stacy, Patricia, Kylie, and Viktoria. Stacy works as a contractor and owns his own roofing company which gives him the freedom to take time off to travel and spend time with the family. Patricia has worked with children her entire life and is currently a Third Grade Bilingual teacher. God has blessed Stacy and Patricia with two daughters, Kylie and Viktoria; two fun loving bubbly fifteen and fourteen-year-olds who both cannot wait to be sisters. They are at the perfect age to spoil, love and be actively involved in your baby’s life. Viktoria, adopted at three days old, is especially excited to share her adoption connection with a sibling. We are a very active, fun, loving family filled with laughter, support, and encouragement for one another. We love sports, working out, going to the movies, and volunteering at our Church. Stacy and Patricia both coach children’s Soccer, Volleyball, and Basketball through the Upward Christian organization. We love traveling together; Canada, Cabo, Punta Cana, and Alaska are just a few places we have been to. Our faith in God is central to our lives and the values that we pass on to our children. We are so excited to share our life and add to our family  through                                                                                                    adoption. We would like you to know how much love and respect we feel for you already! We                                                                                              cannot imagine what a difficult decision this is for you and we pray for you daily. We look                                                                                                    forward to meeting you!



Robert and Lisa

Aloha.  We are Robert and Lisa Burnett. In September, we celebrated our 10-year anniversary. Robert has worked for John Deere, 19 years now and is currently a territory manager.  Lisa had a career with John Deere for over 15 years and is waiting to become a stay at home mom.  She volunteers at the church where she loves to care for the babies.  We live in a great, family-oriented neighborhood and have awesome neighbors.  We enjoy visiting family and friends at the grandparent’s Texas ranch, campfires, swimming, growing pumpkins, and watching our friend’s children play sports, but spending time with them is what we enjoy the most.  We enjoy visiting family in Ohio and Pennsylvania and lots of friends in Iowa and Illinois where we lived for a time.  We have been blessed with two children, Cooper and Samantha, but God welcomed them into his arms before we could bring them home.  While we keep them in our hearts, losing them has strengthened our love and deepened our faith.  We feel that God has shown us adopting is the path for us as He adopted us into His family. Ephesians 1:4, 5  …”In love (5) he                                                                                  predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will-“




Zach and Whitnie

Hello! We are Zach and Whitnie Stinnett. We just celebrated our 5-year anniversary in October. We love being married and are best friends! Zach is Regional Sales Manager for an oilfield services company and has been in the industry for 5 and a half years. Whitnie has a certificate in early childhood education, was previously Preschool Director at a large church in Fort Worth, and has worked in childcare for 15 years. She is currently attending school online to be a medical transcriptionist in order to work from home. We are both born and raised in Texas and have lived all over the state, but are now proud to call San Antonio our home! We have a wonderful church that has provided us with a group of friends that we now call “family.” We live in a neighborhood that is about 10 years old. It has parks, a community pool, and an elementary school because our neighborhood is so large! We enjoy watching sports, playing fantasy football, hiking, walking with our dogs Lulu and Lyla, going on vacation (last year to San Diego, this year to Mexico, and would like to go to Costa Rica next year!), spending time with our families, and shooting and fishing at Zach’s parent’s land. We have been blessed with two sons that are both in heaven. We miss them very much but know that they are happy and healthy with Jesus watching over them. We are so excited to welcome more children through adoption. There is lots of love to give and fun to be had in our family, and we can’t wait to share it all with our children!




Matthew and Cayla

Hello, we are the Winsteads.  Matthew is a real estate agent in the Ft Hood/Killeen area and Cayla is a lending assistant with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. We are members of Victory Baptist Church. Cayla helps in the nursery and is involved in the music ministry and Matthew is an ordained preacher. We love to spend time with family on the weekends and spend most of our time watching movies or going out to eat in our spare time. We moved from Tennessee to Texas in 2017 for a better career opportunity and have loved it ever since. Matthew’s sister lives locally with her 3 boys that spend almost every weekend at our house and his parents decided to make the move from Tennessee as well. We live within a 6-mile radius of each other. We started our journey to adopt in May of 2018 after learning it would not be safe to carry our own. We are so blessed to be in this journey and know one day the Lord will hear our prayer.







Shaun and Danielle

Hey! We are the Shaun & Danielle Carlton. Shaun works as a Nurse Practitioner in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Danielle works for Merck Animal Health selling veterinary pharmaceuticals. God has blessed Shaun and Danielle with many four-legged kids including 4 horses, 5 dogs, 1 cat, 7 chickens, and 3 ducks and we can’t wait to meet our new 2-legged kid. We are a very active, fun, loving family filled with laughter, support, and encouragement. We love working out, playing beach volleyball, riding horses, polocrosse, cutting, and going to the movies. Our faith in God is fundamental to our lives. We are so excited to share our life and add to our family through adoption. We would like you to know how much love and respect we feel for you and can’t imagine what a difficult decision this is for you.  We look forward to meeting you!